Big Shot PR creates, develops, and fosters national brand awareness initiatives on behalf of our clients to increase their market share. We focus on fan engagement and media support while ultimately providing a platform for growth and long-term brand sustainability. Our branding experts represent the building process of nurturing strong key relationships with media, industry influencers, tastemakers and your targeted audience. Our campaigns are centered around critical identifiers and diverse media platforms designed to gain greater brand equity and presence for our clients. We accomplish this by strategic implementation of leveraged resources, internal and external brand expansion, and advanced market penetration. Our methodic approach to brand building is very personalized, strategic, and effective. We methodically craft and execute the total optimization and monetization of your brand to get you the results you’re looking for.


Ywada Embrace Girls Foundation Book Reading

Professional EPK
Bio, One sheet/Fact Sheet/Pictures and professional graphic design and layout that is consistent with your brand positioning geared to optimize all potential media opportunities for local, regional, and national press coverage.

National Press Release(s)- Simultaneous Release
Big Shot PR will create, develop, and distribute a professionally written press release with specific key angles, points, and brand positioning conducive to national media outlets to maximize your brand exposure through extensive media platforms, relations, and Press. Press release distribution will consist of all news, publications, TV, radio, online, and social media networks.

Media Prep/Training
You will be assigned a Public Relations specialist who will work with you one-on-one via personal consultation to prepare you for how to properly handle media inquiries. Media training shall consist of in-depth Q & A, articulation of vision, topics, issues, and points of discussion that lead to overall image and brand enhancement for the optimal presentation.


Ywada @ Music Choice office

Includes all Beginners PR services
Social PUSH
Our team of highly trained social media experts will work with you to increase your brand awareness and social media numbers to build a substantial online fan base. Social PUSH involves fan engagement across all social media platforms such as: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, vine, and many other key social media networks that require relevant engagement and consistent interaction that is crafted and designed to jumpstart your social media presence and numbers.

Image Management
You will be assigned a Public Relations specialist who will work with you and your team to develop your total brand image via one-on-one personal consultation. PR image management is by conceptual design for branding purposes to create the ultimate image and total brand presentation including but not limited to working with photographers, stylists, hair designers, clothing designers, and image apparel and accessories. Our goal as always is to establish a brand image that encompasses long term growth and brand sustainability.

Content Design, Creation, and Development
When you have great ideas that need to be developed, enhanced, or simply created. Our team of creative thinkers, writers, and editors will work diligently on your behalf to translate your ideas and thoughts into proof of concept. The content we create is viable brand content that can be used professionally for multi-purposes such as website content, fliers, brochures, newsletters, white papers and blog posts.


Demetria McKinney Performing at SOB’s, New York

Includes all Beginners and Emerging PR services
Private Project- Dedicated team based PR, branding, and marketing
Includes special events, public affairs, appearances, corporate and social responsibility. You will have a PR team assigned to you to personally attend and represent you and your brand to major media at industry related events (package does not include travel and lodging expenses). Your team will be responsible for scheduling and coordinating a press media run on your behalf with all media personnel in the market. PR rep shall prepare and issue statements on your behalf to service all media in attendance.

International Brand
Iconic focuses on elevating your brand to a distinct level of international recognition, media exposure, and monetization while providing substantial equity to leverage greater media opportunities. We will retool, craft, and reposition your international branding message. You will be assigned a team of professionally trained PR people who will all be working together on your behalf in a very concentrated effort to push your brand internationally. International Brand initiates and nurtures strategic partnerships and business relationships on a diverse series of international platforms. Iconic is the ultimate machinery for high visibility, cutting edge, mega-brand packaging for brands positioned to become an international superstar.

Brand Monetization
Big Shot PR will aggressively pursue major business opportunities to monetize your brand and accelerate the conversion of equity into sales revenue. We will accomplish this by securing national and international media sponsorships, endorsements, product placements, and mainstream endorsement opportunities that will translate into immediate and substantial revenue. We will be seeking high end dollar deals that represent your brand and provide long term career sustainability.